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Managed Services - Remote Monitoring
The bluechip IT remote monitoring system can check a wide range of components and services on your Internet-facing IT infrastructure and network, such as routers, firewalls etc. This system can also be used to monitor systems and network services run by your third-party suppliers, providing services such as DNS servers, external mail servers or Web servers.
What are the business benefits?
* Know when you have a system outage, such as your Web site or e-mail, before your employees and customers do.
* Monitor the performance of your third-party suppliers, in relation to their service level agreement (SLA).
* Monitor the performance and responsiveness of your IT systems.



Managed Services - Managed Antivirus Protection
The bluechip IT managed antivirus-filtering service is an enterprise-class virus-protection system for your company. The bluechip IT service delivers the following:
* Rest easy, knowing that your company is protected from viruses as we update virus definitions hourly, not daily or weekly.
* Turn it on for instant protection or we can tune it to your exact needs.
* Single deployment - no need for weeks of delay in roll-out.
* Scalable and secure: add users as required, without the additional hardware or software.
* High availability.



Managed Services - Managed Firewall Protection
According to the latest DTI Information Security Survey, two-thirds of UK businesses suffered a security incident during 2007. The average cost of a company's worst incident was £12,000, with security breaches costing the UK a total of £10 billion in 2007 - up 50% in just two years.
bluechip IT ’s managed firewall services are a cost-effective means of ensuring that your company's data is kept secure.
With a centrally managed firewall solution, you will find it considerably easier to deploy new applications which help you to increase security and save money in other areas of your business. bluechip IT 's managed firewall services can also include the following, to deliver extra value:
* Content-filtering - know where on the Internet your employees are going and also for how long.
* Spam and virus e-mail protection - filter viruses and spam before they ever reach your network.
* Adware and spyware protection software - stop adware and spyware from entering your network or sending information out.
* Intrusion prevention systems - detect attack patterns and intrusion methods to keep hackers and worms out.
* 24/7 monitoring - know when your connection is down or an attack is happening.
Let bluechip IT show you how a managed firewall service can improve your IT department's efficiency and level of productivity.



Managed Services – SME (Small, Medium Enterprise) Support
The smaller companies IT systems are as important as the global enterprises - we understand that. The difference is that the skills, services and solutions which larger organisations IT operations take for granted have typically been beyond the reach of the SME. bluechip IT bridges the gap and delivers enterprise-class solutions and service to the global giant through to the small ten-user office. You will not experience a different level of service, if you are a ten-user organisation or a 1,000-user organisation, as IT in business is critical and not dependent on your company's size.
Whatever your support requirements, bluechip IT is available 24/7* to support your whole IT infrastructure or simply specific elements of it. The bluechip IT support experience is tailored to fit your exact requirements; we do not provide a one-solution-fits-all service. We work with you to discuss your requirements, perform a detailed audit and then build a package to fit your operations, systems and budget.



Managed Services – IT Department Backup
IT departments often need support and backup on a specific area of their operation or systems. Many factors come into play, such as lack of resource, lack of experience in a new technology or simply a lack of time. bluechip IT excels when helping IT functions in an organisation. We can tailor our services and support to meet your requirements exactly, whether from simply operating a help-desk system or a support overflow resource through to working on infrastructure projects in partnership.
bluechip IT has the answers you require to virtually any IT or business-related issue. We can work from a distance, such as simply monitoring your internal and external systems, with no dialogue, or we can work with you daily, as an extension to your internal team.


bluechip IT believes it is important to bring up the skill and experience level of their customers, when required. This helps not only the customer and its employees, but it also helps to develop and seal the experience of bluechip IT through knowledge transfer.