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Networking – Local Area
Local-area networks (LANs) make up the backbone of your network. They can be either an enabler or a hindrance to business, depending on their implementation. bluechip IT delivers sensible LANs which fit your environment and requirements and which integrate effectively with your other networks, whether wireless or wide-area networks (WANs).
LANs can be complicated - sometimes necessary in the environment. However, they should perform - and to the level expected. If they do not, typically the implementation and configuration could be wrong, the equipment wrong or its management ineffective.
bluechip IT makes the whole situation simpler, by providing an expert and an unbiased pair of eyes. We can design, build, implement and manage (if required) your whole LAN infrastructure. This will give you a network which performs to and beyond your expectations.
bluechip IT LAN solutions give you:
* Performance.
* Resilience.
* Peace of mind.
* Value for investment.



Networking – Wide Area
bluechip IT has the skills and experience to provide total wide area network (WAN) solutions throughout Thailand and on a global level. We collaborate with some of the world's largest names, to deliver exactly what you need, where you want it and within budget.
The choice of solutions, technology and carriers is huge and bewildering, at times. bluechip IT simplifies the whole experience by giving you choice, each one with a clear view on what you are getting, along with the benefits and drawbacks. We are completely independent and leave you to make a decision based on facts, not sales talk.
We provide solutions on a nationwide or global level with:

* Leased Lines
* Remote Access
* Virtual Private Networks
We provide all of the monitoring and management which you would expect with a WAN. bluechip IT works with you to tailor a solution to your exact requirements, without bias towards one technology or vendor.



Networking – Wireless
bluechip IT delivers secure, reliable, flexible and wireless networks - which are resilient to failure. All wireless solutions are analysed, designed and configured to meet the requirements of the organisation exactly. The solution will be cost-effective, giving clear business gains for your investment.
Wireless networking is an enabler for business. It is, of course, extremely flexible and can be deployed virtually anywhere, to allow workers to roam throughout a building or campus, without the constraints of being hard-wired into the network infrastructure. Wireless networks can also be deployed and expanded on, with relative ease, removing the time and hassle of cabling and testing the traditional wired solution. This mobility can bring significant productivity gains to an organisation's operations.
Wireless networks can now be secured at a high level, with many industry experts arguing that they are actually more secure than traditional wired networks, if configured correctly. This allows wireless to really deliver on its positive benefits, without being limited through security concerns.
"Your wireless network, in many cases, is more secure than your wired network." Bill Terrill, senior analyst with Burton Group

Please see for more details on wireless services.