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Security - IT Security Audit
bluechip IT can undertake an IT security audit for your whole network and system infrastructure - as an evaluation of your current security status. This involves a measured, structure and thorough approach to security auditing, including measurement of your technical, physical and administrative defences.
Securing your information assets requires more than just a firewall and some internal password policies. Organisations which value their data should consider much more than just the technical solution to the risks posed to their technical infrastructure. Security is not really a technical problem - it is a management and process problem which could require a technical solution, but, a large amount of the time, a physical or administrative solution is appropriate.
bluechip IT will assess several factors in your business, as well as your IT systems and infrastructure status, such as security processes, security technologies and management-information systems. We will then analyse our information, produce a security risk assessment and present it in a way which gives you a clear view of your security status, no bluechip ITer what your technical level.
bluechip IT can then progress the IT security audit through to a remediation process, to help you to lock the windows and bolt the doors on your environment, to give you peace of mind in a secure operating environment.



Security - Patch Management
"Over 90% of security exploits are carried out through vulnerabilities for which there are known patches."
-Source: Gartner Group
bluechip IT takes patch management seriously and can ensure that you are as up to date as possible on virtually any system and remain protected, no bluechip ITer what changes occur in your environment.
It's a fact that a major risk to business security comes through un-patched software, be it the operating system itself or the software installed on it. Patch management plays a major part in your defence against internal and external threats to business.
An effective patch-management strategy and solutions allow you to manage security threats proactively by automating the collection, analysis and delivery of security patches throughout the enterprise. Automating this time-consuming process can significantly decrease the costs involved in securing an organisation from worms, viruses and other malicious threats.
In order to be truly effective, patch management must be consistently and continuously applied throughout the organisation, according to a well-defined process. The unfortunate reality about software in our complex world is that, even if a patch is correctly applied today, the same vulnerability may need to be readdressed tomorrow.
The actual patch-management strategy is as important as the physical application of the security updates to your systems. bluechip IT ensures that your strategy slots into the operations of your business and that you have a streamlined and measured approach to the problems associated with remaining secure from further software exploits.



Security - SPAM Management
Spam e-mail is a pain and detrimental to your organisation's productivity. Spam grows by the day and the threat grows with it, be it simply loss of productivity or (more importantly) the security implications which it brings. Spam brings a whole host of security concerns, owing to the potential exploitation of your staff or systems, be it through spyware, dangerous attachments, phishing or plain hoaxes.
bluechip IT can protect you from all of the risks associated with spam e-mail through effective spam management. In a bluechip ITer of hours, you can be back in control of your e-mail systems, allowing for increases in productivity and a secured e-mail system.



Security - Internet Vulnerability
The Internet poses many risks to business. The risk of external hackers, worms or bots entering your network or causing a systems outage (through a newly exploited security hole, system mis-configuration or fault) remains clear and present. These vulnerabilities may lie in areas such as your firewall, Web servers, mail servers, Windows and a whole host of other categories.
It is a common myth that a firewall will protect an organisation from security exploits. This is unfortunately false, in the vast majority of cases. If your systems are open to an exploit, then, at some point, the likelihood is that they will be exploited.
The bluechip IT Internet vulnerability assessment (IVA) goes a long way in ensuring that security vulnerabilities in your Internet-facing systems and services do not go unchecked.
The IVA service is an IT security audit to check your systems and services against over 11,000 different security risks, with more checks being added daily to ensure that the most recent and critical vulnerabilities are tested for. If a known vulnerability exists on your system, you can be comfortable knowing that the IIVA service will detect it.
If vulnerability is found, a report is generated by bluechip IT detailing the vulnerability, its severity and a resolution for the issue. You are then in a position to ask bluechip IT or your own IT functions to act.



Security - Employee Internet Risk Assessment
The classic IT and network security audit is an invaluable tool for customers, allowing them to get their systems together to protect from the majority and more dangerous internal and external threats. As part of a comprehensive assessment of your overall network risk, it’s important to assess not only the physical and technological protections you implement, but also how vulnerable your organisation may be from your employees’ Internet activities and the browsing habits on your internal network.
The bluechip IT employee Internet risk assessment audit uses monitoring and reporting functions to show potential and current employee-centric vulnerabilities. This type of assessment complements the bluechip IT traditional security audit service, by showing where internal network security issues can occur – or where they are already occurring!
bluechip IT compares your security perceptions with actual data gathered directly from your network. A thorough report helps you to understand any difference between what you feel your risk level to be and that indicated by actual network data. Including the output in an overall security assessment increases the value, as the data is real, collected typically over a two-week period.
The bluechip IT employee Internet risk assessment audit:
* Instant representation of your Internet usage behaviour - providing you with a high-level view of your organisation’s Internet activity.
* Identify the percentage of clients on your network, infected with spyware.
* See where you could be open to legal liability issues.
* Understand and identify the dangerous areas on the Internet which your employees and PCs are visiting.
* View the amount of bandwidth lost through non-business-related Internet activity.
* View the amount of productivity lost through employees using the Internet for non-business-related activities.
* Be able to make an informed decision on how to deploy Internet usage controls - often, an organisation will be unsure what Web pages to block or what levels of control to implement. This assessment will provide you with clear areas to address.



Security - Employee Internet Management
Internet access is a key resource for your organisation, but it can also be a key vulnerability point. Inappropriate employee behaviour can expose your network to security threats and legal/regulatory liability, as well as impairing both productivity and system performance. To protect your business integrity, employee Internet management (EIM) can monitor and detect policy violations across the full spectrum of Web-based content: IM, P2P, streaming media, file downloads and Web-based e-mail.
A recent report suggests that employees spend more than 200 hours a year surfing non-work-related Web sites. Furthermore, not only do employees spend almost 50 per cent of their browsing activity on personal Web sites, but also an astonishing three-quarters of all pornography, illegal software and music downloads and other non-business-related material is downloaded during work hours.
Some key benefits of EIM, also known as content-filtering, include:
* Control unwanted content on your network through content-filtering.
* Reduce recreational Internet surfing and increase employees’ productivity.
* Secure your network from Web-based threats.
* Limit the legal liability associated with pornographic or illegal file downloads.
* Manage Internet traffic to optimise network bandwidth.


bluechip IT can work with you to monitor network use and abuse actively, anywhere in your organisation. Our solutions provide unequalled protection from inbound and outbound malicious content, including spyware, adware, phishing and viruses, as well as catching inappropriate Web usage, including streaming media, file downloads, pornography and copyright violations.
EIM is not about enforcing a big-brother culture, it's about protecting your valuable IT assets.